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Monday, December 15th, 2014
Video 902-401-2698902-401-2698 Memories in a Flash … Halifax Business Since 2010 . Video Transfer (VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, Beta, Video8, Digital8, Hi8) . Photo Restoration . Pictures/Slides/Negatives/Document scanning service. . Slideshows for any occasion (Family Reunion, Birthday, Retirement Party & more). . Lowest prices in town, Fast and Professional Services, No Hidden Fees. Check our Facebook page for local testimonials Like our Page to get our latest specials!


Video Transfer To DVD How It Works!

Monday, November 17th, 2014

How It Works ???

You Gather and Bring.

Under the Bed. Up in the attic. Out in the garage. Somewhere there’s a box of older analog videotapes you’re hoping to treasure forever. But they’re fading fast. Captured on camcorder videotape, those priceless moments are disappearing – victims of heat, humidity and time itself. Collect them! Bring them to Memories in a Flash!

We Digitize and Preserve.

Memories in a Flash will professionally convert and preserve your older analog videotapes into a modern digital format, which will last forever.

You Watch Anytime, Any Screen

Say hello to anytime viewing on your phone, tablet, computer and TV. Experience the joy of having these cherished memories at your fingertips.

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Sunday, November 2nd, 2014


Now is the time to place your order for holiday gifts! DVDs of photos or home movies make a great present that will be cherished forever, and restored photos will surprise and delight your recipient.

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Saturday, October 25th, 2014


Video Transfer

Do you have Old Video Tapes that you want to have transferred to DVD? Not sure which ones have Family Memories and which ones have recorded TV shows?? Memories in a Flash will check them for you FREE of charge. We will only transfer your precious moments to DVD to be enjoyed for generations to come! Preserve your favorite moments. You will love reliving your Christmas morning with the kids, dance recitals and Christmas concerts on DVD!

Bring your old videos into the digital age.

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Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

It’s never too early to start getting ready for the Holidays! …
Christmas gift ideas.

Let us transfer you home videos to DVD or convert them to Digital files.

VHS, VHS-C, BETA, MiniDV (NSTC/PAL), 8MM, VIDEO8, DIGITAL8, HI8 (NSTC/PAL)Marketing Promotion

Family Time – Getting the most out of your Reunions.

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Family Time – Getting the most out of your Reunions.

For generations family photos have turned into valuable pieces of family history.
When you get together for your yearly family reunion, what will you do to make sure future generations have access to important family memories?

Read on for some general reunion photo ideas as well as tips to make your family gathering a long lasting moment.

Take a group photo—it is so important to capture the people at the event for future generations.

Photo slideshow—Set up a laptop or television with a looping slideshow of favorite family photos, from as many people as you can get to contribute.
Bring your photos to Memories in Flash before the gathering – we will create your Slideshow in advance – Your Life, with a Soundtrack. Professionally Done, Custom Video from your Photos and Clips. Playable on your Computer or DVD Player.

Photo name tags—get head shots from each attendee (or from the ancestor they descend from for larger events) and place the photos on name tags with their name to make sure everyone remembers names!

Take time to record—A hand held digital audio recorder or video recorder can capture individuals telling stories and sharing memories that can be preserved and cherished by those to come.

However you approach photo sharing at your reunion you’ll be glad you did. The photos and stories of our ancestors can help create a connection that bridges generations.

— in Halifax.99reunion

#FamilyVideos and New Technology

Saturday, October 4th, 2014
 Most of us know that old video tapes wear out, and every time they break, there is a piece of memory that is lost forever—even when they are not being played!
Video tape works by recording information magnetically onto a thin tape that is coated with tiny particles of iron. As time goes by, the magnetically stored information degrades even when stored under ideal conditions. They hold the magnetic information for awhile.
Then each pass of the tape over the playback heads of a video player actually physically degrades the thin tape and wears away the tiny iron particles.
Temperature differences that aren’t extreme enough to destroy a tape still degrade it by stretching and contraction. Another problem is the magnetic coating on the tape itself was never designed to last anywhere near forever. Actually a decade is pushing it. So how old are those tapes you have? Time is running out to get them transferred!
Your precious memories transferred to DVD don’t rely on magnetic information that will degrade. There is no tape to wear out or break. The video information on a DVD is millions of ones and zeros making it pure digital. All of that digital data is burned into the coating on the DVD by a laser. When a DVD is played there is no contact with playback parts as there is with video tape.
DVD video can be played on any DVD player. Making it easy to share those memories with friends and family everywhere.
We fix, clean, and transfer your old VHS, Beta, VHS-C, MiniDV, Hi8, Digital8 and Video 8 to digital format on DVD. Or create digital files like AVI, MP4 which allows you to view them on portable devices.
Memories in a Flash can convert them for you at prices that can’t be beat with quality that is 100% guaranteed.
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Saturday, October 4th, 2014

We acceptStarts today Friday October 3rd, ends Sunday October 5th. WEEKEND PROMOTION ONLY! $10 VIDEO TRANSFER SPECIAL TO DVD 902-401-2698   It’s never too early to start getting ready for the Holidays! Christmas gift ideas.

That includes VHS, VHS-C, BETA, MiniDV (NSTC/PAL), 8MM, VIDEO8, DIGITAL8, HI8 (NSTC/PAL) Regardless of length.

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Monday, September 22nd, 2014
Memories in a Flash did a fantastic job converting my vhs to dvd’s for me even after I had broken the vhs tapes.  Their friendliness and professionalism is top notch, I would highly recommend.

How to Organize and Backup Years Worth of Pictures

Friday, September 19th, 2014

Photos and photo albums are so easy to get behind. The only way to keep yourself from worrying about them is creating a system and getting them organized.
Step 1.

Consolidate all photos into one location.

Do you have photos on your laptop, USB drive, Memory cards, desktop and iPhone?  The first step is to consolidate them into one place.
Create a folder on your computer and copy them all.…..It’s a great way to finally clean out all your devices too!

Step 2.

Group all photos by year and then by month.

Once all your photos are in one place, the first step is to start grouping them by year.
After the photos are grouped by year,  start consolidating them into months. Manually drag the months into order for now because sometimes the dates are messed up on the photo files. The biggest trick? GO ONE MONTH AT A TIME…..maybe pick a few weeks where you tackle one month at a time every morning or once a week after the kids go to bed.

Step 3.

Go through each month of photos and keep only the best ones.

Ok, I know it’s hard…..but you don’t really need 40 photos of the “almost identical” pose….or 10 photos of
your kid feeding the same duck.  I force myself to go through each month of photos and delete out all the sub-par photos.  Then I take a few days off and make myself go BACK through them again. AND….remember… sad as it is….no one will care that you took 20 photos of your pretty bushes or your new kitchen island…..or the architecture in Italy.  Make sure the majority of your personal photos have “people” in them.
The less photos you have…the more you will appreciate them!

Step 4.

Organize your Photo Album and Hard copies.

Organize your Photo Albums and hard copies into cardstock folders. Store by year until you are ready to convert them to Digital.2014-09-19_8-55-16
Step 5.

Consider digital albums.

If you like the look of physical albums that you can flip through consider making a yearly digital photobook.

A great Christmas gift for Grandparents.
Step 6.

Backup your photos to DVD/CD and or External Hard Drive.

Once they are all uploaded, backup those folders up to a 4G DVD. Before removing them from your  desktop export them to a external hard drive. You now have two different backups…..just in case one gets damaged.

Hope this helped!