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For generations family photos have turned into valuable pieces of family history.
When you get together for your yearly family reunion, what will you do to make sure future generations have access to important family memories?

Read on for some general reunion photo ideas as well as tips to make your family gathering a long lasting moment.

Take a group photo—it is so important to capture the people at the event for future generations.

Photo slideshow—Set up a laptop or television with a looping slideshow of favorite family photos, from as many people as you can get to contribute.
Bring your photos to Memories in Flash before the gathering – we will create your Slideshow in advance – Your Life, with a Soundtrack. Professionally Done, Custom Video from your Photos and Clips. Playable on your Computer or DVD Player.

Photo name tags—get head shots from each attendee (or from the ancestor they descend from for larger events) and place the photos on name tags with their name to make sure everyone remembers names!

Take time to record—A hand held digital audio recorder or video recorder can capture individuals telling stories and sharing memories that can be preserved and cherished by those to come.

However you approach photo sharing at your reunion you’ll be glad you did. The photos and stories of our ancestors can help create a connection that bridges generations.

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