Home Videos to DVD

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Still have your home movies and pictures stuffed in a closet or shoebox?Memories in a Flash helping families convert their home movies and photos to DVDs and thumb drive


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Slides to DVD or USB in Halifax

Slides to DVD or USB

Let Memories in a Flash convert your slides
to digital JPEG files. Print, Share and enjoy
for generations to come
www.memoriesinaflash.ca | 902-401-2698 | info@memoriesinaflash.ca
Slides to DVD

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Old Photos Old Videos to DVD in Halifax

Watch your old home videos Christmas morning … Share those memories with your kids and grand kids … such a great idea or gift to give to someone! With the help of Memories in a Flash preserving any format of outdated memories couldn’t be easier. Contact us today! 902-401-2698 info@memoriesinaflash.calegacybox-blog-1-of-35

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Photo Scanning Service in Halifax

Our Scanning services will include touch-up and color correction of your images. But what if an important family photo is torn, stained or faded? We offer Photo Restoration Service as well. Contact us Today! #photorestorationinhalifax2-scanning-service #scanningphotoinhalifax
902-401-2698 | info@memoriesinaflash.ca | www.memoriesinaflash.ca

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Photos to DVD/Videos to DVD in Halifax Nova Scotia

Holiday Season is quickly approaching!
If you are planning on converting your Photographs or
Videos to Digital copies for the Holidays, don’t wait too long!
Act now or you might not get them on time

#oldphotostodvdinhalifax #homevideostodvdinhalifax #photorestorationinhalifax


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Transfer Old Videos to DVD

Archive your photos and videos for eternity with help
from Memories in a Flash in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
We offer video transfer, photo scanning, photo restoration
slides to DVD and more.
www.memoriesinaflash.ca | 902-401-2698 | info@memoriesinaflash.cauntitled-1

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Old photos to DVD



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Photo Slides to DVD/USB in Halifax


Get Those Old Slides Freshened Up And Share Them!
45¢ per slide.
*Minimum Price is $19.99*
info@memoriesinaflash.ca | 902-401-2698 |


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Document Scanning Service in Halifax

Gives you the ability to store, access and share them while cutting clutter around your house or office.  Most important gives you the ability to recover any important information in case it gets lost or destroyed.

Document scanning allows you to quickly and securely access your important information from anywhere, anytime and from any device. Need more information? Contact us Today!
902-401-2698 | info@memoriesinaflash.ca13938362_1100696763309991_5658176775144095153_n

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Photos from Negatives to DVD/External Drive

negativesMemories in a Flash – Photo and Video Conversion
Located in Halifax
902-401-2698 | info@memoriesinaflash.ca | www.memoriesinaflash.ca
Get photos from negatives, try Memories in a Flash negative scanning services – we scan negatives to DVD and external drives

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