How to Organize and Backup Years Worth of Pictures

September 19th, 2014

Photos and photo albums are so easy to get behind. The only way to keep yourself from worrying about them is creating a system and getting them organized.
Step 1.

Consolidate all photos into one location.

Do you have photos on your laptop, USB drive, Memory cards, desktop and iPhone?  The first step is to consolidate them into one place.
Create a folder on your computer and copy them all.…..It’s a great way to finally clean out all your devices too!

Step 2.

Group all photos by year and then by month.

Once all your photos are in one place, the first step is to start grouping them by year.
After the photos are grouped by year,  start consolidating them into months. Manually drag the months into order for now because sometimes the dates are messed up on the photo files. The biggest trick? GO ONE MONTH AT A TIME…..maybe pick a few weeks where you tackle one month at a time every morning or once a week after the kids go to bed.

Step 3.

Go through each month of photos and keep only the best ones.

Ok, I know it’s hard…..but you don’t really need 40 photos of the “almost identical” pose….or 10 photos of
your kid feeding the same duck.  I force myself to go through each month of photos and delete out all the sub-par photos.  Then I take a few days off and make myself go BACK through them again. AND….remember… sad as it is….no one will care that you took 20 photos of your pretty bushes or your new kitchen island…..or the architecture in Italy.  Make sure the majority of your personal photos have “people” in them.
The less photos you have…the more you will appreciate them!

Step 4.

Organize your Photo Album and Hard copies.

Organize your Photo Albums and hard copies into cardstock folders. Store by year until you are ready to convert them to Digital.2014-09-19_8-55-16
Step 5.

Consider digital albums.

If you like the look of physical albums that you can flip through consider making a yearly digital photobook.

A great Christmas gift for Grandparents.
Step 6.

Backup your photos to DVD/CD and or External Hard Drive.

Once they are all uploaded, backup those folders up to a 4G DVD. Before removing them from your  desktop export them to a external hard drive. You now have two different backups…..just in case one gets damaged.

Hope this helped!


Share with Friends and Family …

September 15th, 2014
Bring your memories back to life. Share and reconnect with those you love. Your memories are so much more than your baby’s first smile, the epic vacation you took, or your famous holiday gatherings. Memories are the most important things in our lives – they are the ties that bind people together with a shared sense of community and history. As we share our memories, we become closer to our families, children and grandchildren, friends and relatives, parents and grandparents. Memories in a Flash makes it possible for you to share and remember your precious moments like never before.
Video transfer to DVD or USB/External Hard drive.
Photos/Slides/Negatives to DVD.
Slideshow for any occasion (Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, Retirement Party, Christmas).
If you need a hand, Memories in a Flash can help you. Share online, or create a perfect gift for the holidays..
Once you preserve and store your piles of old family photos and videos on digital, you’ll be able to organize and share them easily.
In fact, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this a long time ago.
Get ready to share your memories in a whole new way.
Contact us today! online-sharing-photos-grandparents

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$10 Transfer to DVD Weekend Promotion

September 11th, 2014
It’s never too early to start getting ready for the Holidays!
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Photo and Video Conversion in Halifax

September 10th, 2014

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Pass down your legacy by converting your memories to digital

September 5th, 2014

Summer is the perfect time to finally take care of one of the important family projects — preserving your family’s legacy.

Storage Conditions Your family’s story and legacy – captured in videotapes, film, photographs, slides and negatives – is one of your most precious memories.  Unfortunately, these memories are slowly deteriorating over time.  Even if stored in ideal conditions (no direct sunlight, a little cool, free from dust), these memories are slowly deteriorating.

Unfortunately, many of us store our videotapes and photos in less than ideal places, like:

  • Attics
  • Bedroom closets
  • Bedroom dresser drawers
  • Garages
  • Utility closets

As a result, our memories are fading fast, are never enjoyed and will soon be lost forever.

Collecting Memories Summer is a great time to scour your house for these memories.  But don’t forget about the memories stored at your parents’ house or your siblings’ houses.  One of the best ways to get this “family legacy” project rolling is to let the entire family know that you are going to preserve the entire family’s history and legacy.  Encourage them to preserve and convert their memories as well.

Or, if you are “the organizer” in the family, have everyone send their memories to you, and you can box them all up together, bring them to us.  In just a few short weeks, your memories will be transferred to DVDs.  You’ll get your original materials back, as well as a stack of tidy DVDs that you can share with friends and family.

Choose a theme Many of our customers tell us that they’ve had great fun by encouraging family members to collect memories organized around one central theme.  Some sample ideas include:

  • Mom and Dad’s 40th wedding anniversary
  • Annual shore trips
  • first bicycle rides of each grandkid
  • Brides walking down the aisle

You get the idea.  By converting your memories BoxOfPhotosyou’ll have a group of DVDs that are perfect for sharing with loved ones throughout the year!

Top 10 reasons to transfer your family video and photographs

August 19th, 2014

There are so many reasons to transfer your family’s videos and images from their current deteriorating format into the long-lasting digital format of a DVD.  Below are our top 10 reasons for saving your memories today.

1.  Unique and meaningful gifts One of the most unique and heartfelt gifts we know is a DVD with special family memories.  Rather than take a chance on giving a friend or family member another tie or toaster, try giving them something they could not buy for themselves – access to a special memory that they had forgotten about.

2.  Preserve your family’s story for your children and their children Your family’s story is unique.  And this story has been captured in videos, film and images (like photographs and slides).  Preserve your family’s story for your children, and their children.

3.  Stop your memories from further deteriorating No matter where you store your videos, film or images – they are slowly deteriorating.  If they happen to be stored someplace hot, like an attic, they may be deteriorating more quickly.   Take a few moments to gather up your family memories and ship them off to MemoryHub to be preserved.

4.  Enjoy your memories everyday When your memories are squirrelled away in boxes in the attic or garage or some closet, you are missing out on enjoying those memories.  As we say at Memories in a Flash, when you convert your memories to DVD, it’s like “uncorking a bottle of champagne.”

5.  Help with genealogical research We are so pleased when we hear that our customers use our services to advance their genealogical projects.  As families document the histories of their families – making use, for example, of wonderful sites like – they love being able to incorporate images and memories of the past!

6.  Solve the problem of no longer having working devices to play the memories So often we hear from families who are frustrated to discover that, in order to play their memories originally stored in analog format, like VHS, they need a working VHS player to enjoy them.  By converting your memories to a digital format on a DVD, you can enjoy your memories without worrying about whether your old devices still work.

7.  Present to yourself – choose a meaningful memory to preserve While quite a few of our customers convert family memories in order to give gifts to others, we also have thousands of customers who preserve their memories for … themselves.  We love hearing from moms and dads who’ve chosen to celebrate a birthday or anniversary or a promotion by giving themselves the gift of a DVD that preserves a special moment.

8.  Get organized – everything in boxes all over the place If you are like most people, you have your memories stored in a variety of locations around the house – in a bedroom closet, in a cardboard box in the attic, or in a plastic container in the back of the garage.  Or, if you are like most people, you aren’t exactly sure where everything is!  We have hundreds of customers who find great personal satisfaction in digging up all of their memories and bringing them off to us, so that their unwieldy collection of memories can be stored in a series of nicely labeled and organized DVDs.

9.  Take full advantage of new technology As computers (including tablets) and televisions have become more advanced, they have become wonderful showcases for memories.  If you have a new large screen computer or tablet or advanced television set up (like an Apple TV), you have the perfect showcase for your memories.

10.  Great family project Finally, every year we get a few cards and notes from families who tell us how grateful they are to Memories in a Flash for facilitating a very meaningful family project.   These families let us know that the entire family pitched in to collect all of their videos and images and brought them off to usPromo for preservation on DVDs.  But the real fun began when they instituted a regular “family movie night” in which they gathered together to relive the wonderful memories of their family.

Preserve your Memories – One place for all your videos and photographs….

August 18th, 2014
Memories in a Flash
One place for all your videos and photographs….
Located in Halifax
Reliable! Affordable! Trustworthy! Proffesional!
Somewhere in the dark, your memories are fading away.
Under the Bed. Up in the attic. Out in the garage.
Somewhere there’s a box of older videotapes or photographs you’re hoping to treasure forever.
But they’re fading fast.
Captured on camcorder videotape, those priceless moments are disappearing – victims of heat, humidity and time itself.
Protecting and enjoying your videotapes is easy with Memories in a Flash.
We convert and preserve your older analog videotapes or paper photos into digital formats, so you can enjoy your treasured family videos or pictures for generations.
Once they are digitized you can view and share them on any device screen through free apps.
Contact us for more information

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Gift Ideas That You Can Make From Photos

July 28th, 2014

With modern printing technology it’s now possible to create one of a kind items using your favorite photos! Over the last couple of years, there has been a lot of new companies emerging that will help you create completely custom gifts from all kinds of different photos. The trick is, however, that the photos must be in digital format. If your photos have not been digitized yet, the easiest way is to simply scan them into your computer using a high quality flatbed scanner, or use our low-cost photo scanning service. Once your photo or photos are in a digital format, you can then use your images by placing them onto common items to create unique gift ideas for friends and family.

Here is a short list of some of the amazing items that you can create out of scanned photos, slides or negatives:

Photobooks are becoming more and more popular as a way to tell a story with your photos, rather than just have them in an album. Photobooks are often described as similar to scrapbooks, the main difference being that the photobooks are actually printed, rather than having clippings and photos glued or tacked to the page itself.

Calendars are a great way to show off your favorite family photos all year round. In addition to choosing your own unique photos, you also have the option of picking the overall design such as the backgrounds and borders. Never forget a birthday or anniversary again!

Who doesn’t love a new mousepad? Especially a custom designed mousepad with your favorite family photo, or that epic snapshot of your latest vacation. Your will be surfing the web in style with one of these at your desk!

If you’re sick of the same old run of the mill, overpriced smartphone cases, why not obtain a completely unique one? By using any photo of your choice, you can craft a completely custom smartphone or iPhone case for either yourself or a loved one. Show off your awesome photos right on your phone! These make truly awesome gifts for friends and family alike.

Feeling bored? Or want to keep your kids distracted? Create a brand new jigsaw puzzle out of one of your favorite scanned photos. With different variations in puzzle size and number of pieces, the sky is the limit! Puzzles make awesome gifts for kids and adults alike!

Jazz up the next poker night with completely custom playing cards! You can create your deck in any style you choose, using any number of images to create a special deck that the whole group would love. These are also great for a family game night where every member can play with their own custom deck!

and much more! For more gift ideas that you can make out of your own photos, check out sites like Shutterfly or Snapfishphoto-playing-card-300x207 mouse_pad-300x252photo-books1-300x2171

Where are Our Family Memories?

July 26th, 2014

The survey, conducted among over 250 parents of kids under age 10 who share photos/video with family and friends, reveals that three quarters (75%) of these parents save photos and videos of their children in multiple locations, more than half (52%) say they have not done anything with the tons of photos/videos they have of their children to preserve them for the future and 44% say they sometimes have trouble locating photos and videos of their children because they can’t remember where the files are saved. Even more worrisome is the fact that nearly half (47%) of these parents say they have not really thought about how they will share the photos and videos they have of their children with them when they are older. ldren in multiple locations, more than half (52%) say they have not done anything with the tons of photos/videos they have of their children to preserve them for the future and 44% say they sometimes have trouble locating photos and videos of their children because they can’t remember where the files are saved. Even more worrisome is the fact that nearly half (47%) of these parents say they have not really thought about how they will share the photos and videos they have of their children with them when they are older.   -

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