Christmas is only a few weeks away.

For a LIMITED TIME Memories in a Flash is offering a FREE MP4 file of your home videos.
(MP4 file is a digital copy of your video that can be played on your IPhone, Ipad, Ipod or any portable devices). Share it with family and friends even if they don’t have a DVD player.

Let us transfer your old video tapes to DVDs and you will receive a digital file at no extra charge.

Contact us Today!

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Photos and Video to DVD/USB

Share your favorite photos and videos with family and friends this Holiday Season! Get your orders in by NOVEMBER 30th to guarantee delivery for Christmas.
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Videos to DVD in Halifax
Holiday Season is quickly approaching!
If you are planning on converting your Photographs or 
Videos to Digital copies for the Holidays, don’t wait too long!
Act now or you might not get them on time.

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Video Transfer to DVD in Halifax

15578668_1215449478501385_3039615272165632774_nWatch your old home videos Christmas morning … Share those memories with your kids and grand kids … such a great idea or gift to give to someone! With the help of Memories in a Flash preserving any format of outdated memories couldn’t be easier. Contact us today! 902-401-2698

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Photo Scanning to DVD in Halifax

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Photo scanning is not just about digitizing your photos, it is about:
– Preserving your memories for future generations.
– Makes a great anniversary gift!
– Sharing your photos with the ones you love most.
All photo scanning comes with free colour correction.

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Document Scanning in Halifax

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Document Scanning Services in Halifax
Scanning your important documents, your grandfather’s war diary or favorite old books that you can’t find in the stores anymore, gives you the ability to preserve, store, access and share them, while cutting clutter around your house or office.
Most important, gives you the ability to recover any important information in case it get lost or destroyed.
Document scanning allows you to quickly and securely access your important information from anywhere, anytime and from any device. Need more information?
Contact us Today!

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Photo Scanning to DVD/USB in Halifax
Preserving Your Family History
As each generation passes, your collection of memories
will gain in value to your family. It’s about telling them who you are and where you came from, what you believe and why. 
It’s not just your legacy, it’s their history.
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CD and DVD Duplication Services in Halifax

Memories in a Flash – Photo and Video Conversion | 902-401-2698 |

Whether you need one or multiple copies, we can duplicate your CD or DVD for you. *Copyrighted materials cannot be duplicated

Contact us Today!$_59 (1) $_59 (2)

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Photos to Digital |
Moments come and go … Memories stay forever.
Make sure you preserve them.
Let us help you.923561_10152809301135118_169959714_n (1)

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Videos to DVD in Halifax

Taking care of your DVD collection.

• Keep DVDs away from high humidity and temperature environments… These factors can negatively affect the DVD and cause playback problems.
• Never use a tissue or paper towel to clean a DVD. Any one of these can possibly scratch the DVD surface. Scratches on the disc can cause the laser beam to skip and result in whole sections of the DVD not being able to be read by your recording or playback equipment.
• Don’t use glue-on labels…! They can peel off and damage the camcorder or DVD player internally.
To label a disc, use a soft felt tip pen or marker and write only on the top of the disc or use a “printable” DVD that will allow you to print your label directly on to the disc with the use of a special printer adapter.
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