Memories In A Flash
Photo Videos

Your Life, with a Soundtrack. Professionally Done, Custom Video from your Photos and Clips.
Playable on your Computer or DVD Player.

Convert your photo albums…

Memories in a Flash will turn your photo collection into a real DVD movie that will play in any DVD player, complete with titles, musical background and transitional effects between photos. Helping you preserve your memories in a manner that will allow you to showcase them for future generations.

A DVD Slideshow…

We will create a nostalgic gift, a DVD Slideshow to share with family and friends, the perfect gift for everyone. From honeymoon trips to anniversary parties; from your baby's first steps to your kid's graduation. Every occasion you capture with your camera can be enjoyed for posterity in an unforgettable DVD Slideshow Movie.

Your DVD slideshow…

With your personnel preferences in mind , we will design a Slideshow that will be as unique as you are.

What is a Slideshow DVD Movie?

A great way to watch and share your old photos, slides, negatives.

You could also include all sorts of file types such as text documents, music, and movie clips.

Ordering your scanned photos on DVD does not automatically make the files on that DVD suitable for watching on your TV.

This is because you also need the right kind of file to be on the DVD to make it play as a movie.

Our Slideshow DVD Service creates the special kind of file required by DVD players.

A great way to share your memories, and is a very popular gift for birthdays, holidays, and special events like weddings, graduations and anniversaries.



  • You send us your photos, slides, negatives, together with instructions on how to arrange everything.
  • You decide what music to include and where to place it within the slideshow. For copyright reasons you must send us original retail CD's. We recommend about one minute of music for every 10 images.
  • With your involvement we can edit your video and customize your DVD any way you like, adding titles, motion effects and transitions to your Slideshow.
  • By default, we leave a 5-second interval between images.
  • We do not install any copyright protection, so you are free to make copies of your DVD.


Contact us about your slideshow project. You'll be impressed with our efficiency.

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