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Photo Restoration

Sunlight, humidity, age, dust, scratches and water are but a few ways that your favorite photos may be lost. Old pictures fade and degrade with time. Thanks to modern digital technology, it's now possible to repair and recondition photographs.

The important thing to remember is to fix them before it's too late, and your precious memories are lost.

Why Should I Restore My Photos?

Photos are snapshots in time and these moments in time cannot be reproduced. They record important people, places and events and serve to enhance our own memories.

At Memories In A Flash, we appreciate how frustrating it can be when cherished photographs become damaged, that is why we offer a variety of services for you.

Don’t let years worth of your favorite memories fade into the ages. You owe it to your family and children to preserve the photographs that capture the history of your family and your ancestors.

Photo Restoration Services.

• Restore Color Photos Professionally.

Fix color problems on photos that look dull and flat, also adding light and contrast where needed.

• Red-Eye Removal.

The red-eye effect occurs when light from the camera flash reflects off the blood vessels at the back of the subject's eyes. It can be eliminated through a simple digital-imaging technique.

• Dust and Scratch Removal with Digital ICE.

Digital ICE technology, isolates scratches and dirt on the surface of the film. It then fills in the missing information using surrounding RGB information. This service is not applicable on black & white film.

• Black & White or Serpia.

Want to make a color photo black & white or sepia to give it a more traditional look? We can do that too.

At Memories In A Flash we can digitally repair your damaged and aged pictures, bringing your photographic history into the modern age.

If you have any questions about our color photo restoration services, contact us today.

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